100X695MM FOA

The Serbian-produced 100mm ammunition family is highly reliable and combat-proven, intended for combat in various operational/tactical conditions.

Product SKU : WS-LG-E-1406

The Serbian-produced 100mm ammunition family is a highly reliable and combat-proven tank ammunition, intended for combat against MBT, IFV, and other armored targets, anti-tank defense suppression, infantry direct and indirect fire support, as well as anti-fortification and anti-infantry tank combat in various environmental and operational/tactical conditions.

The modern solutions applied in this ammunition family, together with the appliance of a modern Fire Control System (FCS) and other tank upgrading modes, provide for the relatively old T-54/55 MBT family. The upgrades create the possibility of successful and effective combat with more modern types of MBTs, as well as the possibility of tank effective use in a wide range of combat scenarios, particularly in low-intensity conflicts and anti-guerrilla warfare.

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