The Jumbo pellet is an intermediate-weight, round-nose pellet that offers improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy.

Product SKU : WS-AM-C-1864

Looking for an airgun pellet that is perfect for longer-distance outdoor and indoor shooting? The Jumbo airgun pellet is designed with a special shape, perfect center of gravity, and alignment, making it the top choice for shooters. The pellet is carefully crafted and undergoes a thorough hand-pick quality control to ensure its highest level of precision and accuracy.

The Jumbo pellet is an intermediate weight, round nose pellet that offers improved flight stabilization and fine accuracy. The pellets have a hollow point design and extremely high ballistic coefficient, which delivers less drag and more energy delivery at the target, resulting in a heavy-hitting shot. With the Jumbo’s heavy weight, they are perfect for hunting medium-sized game like hare, fox, squirrels, and birds. One shot is all you need to take down your target.
These pellets are designed for accuracy and knockdown power even at longer ranges, making them an excellent choice for shooting enthusiasts who want to test air guns in extreme distances.

The Jumbo airgun pellets are available in caliber .22, head size 5.50mm, grains 13.73, and type flathead wadcut. Whether you’re a serious hunter or a shooting enthusiast, the Jumbo airgun pellets are a must-have for your air gun. With their impressive accuracy, knockdown power, and careful craftsmanship, you won’t find a better pellet on the market.

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