Automatic Parachute Activation Device for training mode, a simple switch on before boarding enhances parachuting safety for the next 14 hours to come.

Product SKU : FG-PE-E-1112

For training mode a simple switch on before boarding enhances parachuting safety for the next 14 hours to come. By using the unique simplicity of handling, we minimize a potential error input by the stressed soldier. As long as on the ground the electronic processing unit automatically compensates for pressure changes, which are caused by the weather, frequently within its functioning period. The CYPRES senses take off and acceleration of the aircraft and starts to monitor any action made by the parachutist. The soldier can focus his full concentration on the mission at hand.

When it comes to the mission, the Military CYPRES 2 shows its superior technology. It can be switched on to operational mode even during flight in an active pressurized cabin and can be set for any target – with the ease of extremely comfortable one-button handling. The system is an independent backup safety system that will not interfere with or restrict normal parachuting activity. It is designed to activate in emergency situations where the parachutist is not able to perform the proper procedures. The mission objective is not endangered. CYPRES acts on pressure inputs to the sensing unit, speed and altitude transducers generate the activation criteria.

Depending on the CYPRES model in use, it will activate at various preset altitudes when speed exceeds a given setting. The reserve activation is initiated by the EOS release unit (cutter). This cutter simply severs the closing loop of the reserve container and allows it to begin the reserve deployment sequence. This unique activation method was invented and patented by Helmut Cloth the founder of Airtec in 1987. Since 1991 this method is state of the art in AAD technology. We are proud to say that through this date we have recorded more than 3000 lives saved.

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