Our Strikeforce TactLite AK-47 stock is adjustable, foldable, and has a Scorpion Recoil System. Includes adjustable cheek rest and handguards.

Product SKU : WS-AC-N-0639

AK-47 side folding stock


The ATI Strikeforce TactLite stock and forend package is a six-position adjustable side-folding stock designed to fit most stamped AK-47 receivers. This package features an advanced Recoil System, ergonomic textured and ventilated upper and lower handguards, pistol grip, and adjustable cheek rest. It is not compatible with milled receivers or AK-47s with under-folding stocks.

The system eliminates horizontal and vertical movement of the stock on the buffer tube, providing smooth and secure stock adjustments. This system has a dual-sided QD attachment point and a removable/adjustable cheek rest system with an elongated design to fit all users. The package also includes a short cheek rest with 1/2″ of adjustment.

There are four forward Picatinny rail locations, including one 4″ Picatinny rail, two 2″ Picatinny rails, and one 2″ Picatinny rail with a swivel stud. There is also a slot for a tactical sling attachment, three sling swivel studs, and a steel T-nut and bolt. The Strikeforce is a six-position adjustable/side-folding AK-47 stock that can be fired from the folded position. It has no snag points and a thin Recoil Pad for increased comfort and stability. The mounting hardware is included, and it is manufactured in the USA.

In addition, the textured and ventilated handguards provide a non-slip grip and improved heat dissipation, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience even during extended firing sessions. The four forward Picatinny rail locations allow for the attachment of various accessories such as lights, lasers, and grips, enhancing the functionality of the firearm.

Overall, the ATI Outdoors Strikeforce TactLite stock and forend package with an adjustable side-folding stock is a high-quality and reliable upgrade for AK-47 owners, offering increased comfort, stability, and customization options for a more enjoyable and effective shooting experience.

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