High-intensity LED lighting is available on all six MRAPS Series rifle-rated shields, emitting focused and wide-angle lighting from the mounted position.

Product SKU : PP-AC-N-1384

High intensity LED lighting is available on all six MRAPS Series rifle rated shields emitting brilliant focused and wide angle lighting from the most appropriate mounted position, the lower central region of the shield. The LED Light Array features 8 wide angle and 2 focused emitters with protective clear coverings to keep them safe and functioning even after scratches or from blunt trauma. The wide angle assists detection of threats in the users peripheral vision, with the LED Drive Control Unit containing long life replaceable batteries, battery condition indicator, and 3 position switch3 switch functions high, low & strobe.


Remote switch activation on, off, & momentary manipulated by the hand supporting the shield

Durable aircraft aluminum construction

Water-resistant Quality electrical cables and connectors

Innovative mounting prevents wires snagging during rough use

Easy & quick battery changes no tools required

Weight with batteries: 1.1 lbs / 0.5 kg Max Output: 950 lumens Run Time: High 3.5 hours / Low 26 hours @ 50F / 15C Batteries: 6 each CR-123 lithium Components (3): Light emitter, drive control unit, remote switch

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