Widely recognized as the most effective multi-role military transport aircraft in its size class, the C-27J Next Generation features new avionics and aerodynamic developments for greater efficiency and improved operating performance.

Product SKU : VE-AF-E-1988

THE C27J is unrivaled tactical solution used in the most challenging operational environments, from the high altitudes of the Andes to Afghanistan, the C-27J’s performance and operating efficiency are enabled by new avionics, featuring a glass cockpit with five multi-functional color screens, a radar system for tactical transport missions and advanced communication systems. The system architecture guarantees interoperability with other transport aircraft and can be easily integrated with in-flight refueling, self-protection, secure communications and ballistic protection, allowing the aircraft to operate in high threat environments, transporting materials, light vehicles and personnel to wherever they are needed. The C-27J can operate in complete autonomy thanks to its Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

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