Introducing CRE (Crayons-Ready-To-Eat): Your Tactical Snack Mission Just Got Sweeter!

Product SKU : SE-FO-N-1861

Attention, soldiers with a sweet tooth – it’s time to upgrade your taste buds with CRE, the ultimate Crayons-Ready-To-Eat! Say goodbye to bland MREs and hello to a burst of color and flavor that will have you marching to a delicious beat.
Taste the Rainbow of Camouflage: Unleash your inner artist as you feast on triangular-shaped crayons in a spectrum of colors, each representing a different military service. From Army Green to Navy Blue and Air Force Sky, our CREs are the tastiest way to salute your favorite branch!
No More AWOL Crayons: Say goodbye to chasing runaway crayons! Our cleverly designed CREs are triangular, ensuring they won’t roll away. No more crayon escapes during chow time – these snacks are on a mission to stay put and keep you fueled.
Premium Chocolate Reinforcements: But wait, it’s not just about looks! Each CRE is made from premium chocolate, providing a delectable experience that will make your taste buds stand at attention. Our top-tier cocoa recruits are here to sweeten the deal on your snack-time maneuvers.
The Perfect Gift for Your Military Michelangelo: Searching for a gift that’s as unique as your favorite military member? Look no further! CREs make for the perfect, slightly humorous, yet delicious gift that’ll have them cracking up and reaching for seconds.

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