ARK BOOTS are meticulously crafted to withstand challenging conditions while providing everyday comfort.


Product SKU : FG-BT-N-2004

The boot’s outsole, made of high-quality 1.5 cm thick EVA, boasts anti-slip, shock-proof, electricity-resistant, and soft toe features. The EVA foam insole ensures lasting support, complemented by the convenience of a quick-access YKK side zipper. Ideal for various terrains, from desert sands and rocks to urban canyons and buildings, these tactical boots offer a blend of traction, stability, and support suitable for diverse environments. The durable rubber outsole prevents slipping and shock, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Celsius. Stitched with military precision, these boots endure wear and tear, standing tall at 24 cm. The moisture-absorbent, anti-bacterial lining ensures breathability, making ARK BOOTS the go-to choice for both rugged terrain and daily wear.

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