Featuring a three-quarter-inch plexiglass door, high-density insulation, and Smart Freeze technology, process 1,450 pounds of fresh food per year.

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Freeze Dryer – The Ultimate Solution for Preserving Fresh Food

The Freeze Dryer is the perfect tool for anyone looking to preserve fresh food for an extended period of time without sacrificing nutrition and taste. This high-tech device boasts a three-quarter-inch plexiglass door, high-density insulation, and Smart Freeze technology, allowing it to process up to 1,450 pounds of fresh food per year, or 7-10 pounds per batch. This equates to a whopping 312 gallons of preserved food annually, enough to keep friends and family healthy and happy, while also saving money in the process.

Freeze drying is a unique preservation process that removes moisture from food items while locking in their nutritional value and flavor. With temperatures reaching a low of -40 degrees Fahrenheit, this freeze dryer is able to freeze dry approximately 15 pounds of fresh produce or meat per batch without adding any preservatives or chemicals.

One of the many benefits of using a Freeze Dryer is that it significantly extends the shelf life of food. Freeze-dried food has an expiration date of up to 25 years, making it perfect for emergencies, outdoor adventures, or just to stock up your pantry. Additionally, the freeze-drying process preserves the color, shape, and taste of the food, allowing you to enjoy it at any time, even years later.

Another advantage of the Freeze Dryer is its user-friendly design. The Smart technology allows for easy use with a touch of a button, and the detachable Premier Vacuum Pump sits outside the freeze dryer, allowing for quick and effortless maintenance. Additionally, this versatile device can be used to preserve a wide variety of foods, including dairy, meat, produce, and more.

With the Freeze Dryer, you can enjoy the convenience of having fresh, nutritious food at your fingertips at any time of the year. No more worrying about spoiled produce or freezer burn – simply load up the freeze dryer, touch the start button, and let the machine do the rest. The Freeze Dryer is the ultimate solution for preserving fresh food, making it a must-have for any home or business.

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