Less than an ounce, the Trident Series of Guardian Lights are waterproof to 300 feet, can be seen at up to 3 miles/5km, and will strobe for over 240 hours.

Product SKU : FG-SL-E-0077

Customizable as needed, the Trident series of Guardian Lights use the switch-ring technology first used in our VIPIR line of products. They have a total of 6 functions, 3 on each battery polarity, which includes the option to record and playback, and a unique flashing signature. These rugged, versatile lights can be adjusted to fit an elastic armband, vehicle, or locking belt clip. At less than an ounce, they are also waterproof up to 300 feet, can be seen at up to 3 miles, or 5km, and will strobe for over 240 hours on a single battery. The low-cost CR2032 batteries are conveniently available as well, simply flip over the battery to change from flashing to steady-on.

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