Packed with cutting-edge features, including a high-speed processor, Ambarella S5L chip, and Smart HEVC technology, the TV-300 ensures outstanding recording quality and robust performance.

Product SKU : C4-SN-N-1892

Unleash the power of advanced mobile surveillance with the LD Systems TV-300, a meticulously crafted device designed for unparalleled performance in outdoor environments. Equipped with a high-speed processor and embedded Linux operating system, the TV-300 integrates seamlessly with a super low illumination color camera, audio capabilities, 4G/5G, and Wi-Fi communication modules. This multifaceted device also features GPS, a compass, an alarm module, an HD night vision camera, and a wireless Bluetooth headset for comprehensive functionality. At the core of the TV-300’s capabilities lies the Ambarella S5L chip, ensuring outstanding recording effects and robust performance. The device employs a clear, low-illuminated industrial-grade 5MP CMOS photosensitive sensor, delivering exceptional image quality in diverse conditions. Leveraging the latest Smart HEVC technology, the TV-300 achieves a 1080P/30fps live view in 4G networks while conserving bandwidth with a 50% reduction in bit rate compared to H.264. The TV-300 prioritizes user experience with its embedded real-time operating system and Linux dual system. This not only optimizes boot speed and stability but also provides effective protection against viruses and invasive systems. Its IP68 waterproof and dustproof design ensures resilience against rain and dust, making it an ideal companion in challenging outdoor scenarios.

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