Thin, ultralight, and flexible, this innovative board serves as the perfect canvas for mapping routes and safeguarding important documents.

Product SKU : FG-AC-N-1558

Step into a new era of tactical planning with the Battle Board Leaf – an indispensable tool catering to the diverse needs of both hikers and operations officers. Crafted with precision, this thin, ultralight, and flexible board redefines the way maps are utilized, routes are drawn, and critical documents are protected.
For hikers, the Battle Board Leaf provides the ideal surface to give form to maps, enabling them to sketch routes and shield paper from the elements. Its flexibility ensures easy portability, allowing hikers to adapt to dynamic terrains without the burden of traditional rigid boards.
Operations officers, on the other hand, require more expansive displays for maps and mission trackers. The Battle Board Leaf meets this demand seamlessly. Its large, flexible surface allows for quick unfolding, making it easy to hang on the side of a vehicle or the wall of a Base-X tent. The versatility of this board is evident in its ability to adapt to varying mission requirements with efficiency and ease.

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