The Mini Glow Stick is a powerful source of illumination, perfect for safety. In LED colors, it features 60 hrs of battery, waterproofing, and buoyancy.

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LED Mini Glowsticks Pack for Safety and Adventuring

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LED Mini Glowsticks: Illuminate Your Nighttime Adventures with These Miniature Powerhouses

Whether you’re planning a camping trip, night-time water rescues, heading to a music festival, or just looking for some fun nighttime activities, our LED Mini Glowsticks are the perfect accessory to keep you safe and entertained.

With a compact design and available in multiple LED colors, these glow sticks are an excellent alternative to traditional chemical glowsticks. The sleek design and simple twist on/off function make them easy to use and perfect for any age. And with batteries that last over 60 hours, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the fun.

One of the best things about these glow sticks is their versatility. They’re waterproof and able to float, making them ideal for water activities such as boating or fishing. And with an S-Biner for clipping to other objects, you can attach them to your backpack, keychain, or even your dog’s collar for added visibility.

These mini glow sticks are also an essential addition to any home emergency kit or car survival kit. In the event of a power outage or other emergency situation, they can provide much-needed light and visibility.

So why settle for traditional chemical glowsticks that only last a few hours and can be harmful to the environment? Upgrade to our LED Mini Glowsticks for a powerful and long-lasting source of illumination that’s safe, reliable and eco-friendly.

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