M81 Igniter

The M81 IGNITER is a hand-held pull type igniter used to initiate shock tube or Time Fuse.

Product SKU : WS-EX-E-0257

m81 igniter

M81 IGNITER – The Reliable Hand-Held Igniter for Shock Tubes and Time Fuses

The M81 IGNITER is a powerful and reliable hand-held pull-type igniter that effectively initiates a shock tube or Time Fuse. With its simple operation, users only need to pull back the firing pin and release it to set off the primer, igniting the cord, shock tube, or time fuse.

Crafted from durable olive drab plastic, the M81 IGNITER is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It features a shipping plug/weatherproofing plug on one end, ensuring the igniter remains safe during shipping. The other end comes with a cotter pin and a pull ring, allowing for easy and secure attachment to the fuse.

The M81 IGNITER meets rigorous specifications, including NSN numbers 1375-01-415-1235 or 1375-01-442-0939, Shipping Hazard Class 1.4 S, and UN Serial Number 0131. Properly shipped as Lighters, or Fuse, the igniter comes in various packing configurations, including Army, Marine Box, or Commercial, with each 6 x 5 x 1.5 set-up box containing five M81 Igniters sealed in a barrier bag, totaling 60 set-up boxes.

In summary, the M81 IGNITER is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy-to-use hand-held igniter for shock tubes and time fuses. Its sturdy construction, simple operation, and adherence to strict specifications make it the go-to choice for professionals and amateurs alike.

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