Generation 3 Ultra Covert, a concealable body armor outer cover tailored for Close Protection and Diplomatic Missions.

Product SKU : PP-CR-N-0443

Offering comprehensive protection with front, rear, and side coverage against heavy handguns and knives, this NIJ level IIIA (3a) certified armor guards against high-velocity threats including 9mm, 0.357 Sig, 0.44 Magnum, shotguns, and 7.62x25mm Tokorev Lead core. Tested in-house for stab resistance against common knife attacks, it also meets NATO STANAG 2920 standards for fragmentation and explosion protection up to 500-550m/s. Constructed with flexible unidirectional technology, it ensures a unisex fit with dynamic shoulder and waist adjustments for the best-tailored finish. Featuring low-profile Velcro tabs for enhanced concealability, the armor boasts a lightweight polycotton smooth outer fabric, advanced sweat control ventilation lining, and easy-to-remove internal panels for cleaning and cover replacement. Weighing approximately 2.4kg in size Large, it is available in black or white and ready for immediate delivery from stock.

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