The MK-9 Chemical Aerosol Projector a large, yet easy to carry non-lethal option for law enforcement professionals. When the need for applying a great amount of controlling force is needed.

Product SKU : WS-NL-E-0713

Introducing the MK-9 Chemical Aerosol Projector, a formidable and easily portable non-lethal option meticulously crafted for law enforcement professionals. This cutting-edge device is engineered to provide a robust solution when the application of significant controlling force becomes imperative. The MK-9 stands as a testament to innovation in less-lethal technology, delivering unparalleled performance in situations where a potent and effective response is required.
Designed with the unique needs of law enforcement in mind, the MK-9 Chemical Aerosol Projector offers a combination of size, power, and ease of use. Despite its substantial size, the device remains remarkably user-friendly and can be easily carried, ensuring that officers can respond promptly and effectively to dynamic situations.
The MK-9’s capability to dispense chemical agents in both Fog and Vapor forms adds a layer of versatility to its effectiveness. Whether confronted with a crowd control scenario, a confined space, or a situation requiring precision targeting, this device empowers law enforcement professionals with the flexibility needed to adapt to a wide range of operational challenges.

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