The Norotos Face Mask is a reliable and durable NVG head mount system designed for missions using night vision devices, but not helmets.

Product SKU : C4-NV-E-1151

The Norotos Face Mask is a safe, reliable, durable, and most importantly, comfortable, NVG head mount system. The Face Mask was designed to meet mission requirements that dictated the use of night vision devices, but not helmets. These include recce and surveillance missions as well as those requiring speed and stealth more than ballistic protection. Norotos developed two versions of the Face Mask to accommodate a range of the most-used night vision goggles. The unit features a padded suspension system that cantilevers the NVG off the user’s face rather than their temples, relieving stress and pressure. The leather-covered pads are attached to a hinged sub-structure that helps the mask conform to the face. An adjustable nylon 3-point head harness runs from the Face Mask to a mesh section that conforms to the back of the user’s head. A fourth strap runs from the base of the mesh to the user’s chin, providing the last support structure. This system of straps and pads distributes pressure and weight more evenly across the head and face, allowing the Norotos Face Mask to be worn for longer periods in comfort.

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