Optimized for different scenarios, the Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt features a high collar, elbow pad pockets, and zippered arm pockets.

Product SKU : FG-CL-N-1837

Quarter Zip Combat Shirt

Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt (FR) – Optimized Features for Enhanced Performance

The Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt (FR) is the newest addition to the line of combat shirts that have seen massive success. This combat shirt has been designed with features to provide optimal performance in different scenarios, making it perfect for military and law enforcement professionals.

One of the key features of this combat shirt is the quarter-zip neck, which provides the user with the ability to adjust the level of ventilation depending on the environmental conditions. The high collar is another unique feature, which provides additional protection from the sun and other elements. The concealable IFF tab is also a useful feature for personnel who require identification on the battlefield.

The Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt also has two zippered upper arm pockets, which provide ample storage for small items such as keys, IDs, and other equipment. The pockets are easily accessible and are designed to be used with one hand, making it easy to retrieve items without having to remove the shirt. Internal elbow pad pockets are another feature of this combat shirt, which is especially useful for personnel who are required to crawl, climb or engage in other activities that may result in elbow abrasion. The external elbow abrasion-resistant material is also incorporated into the design, which provides added protection to the elbow area.

The left forearm dual pen pocket is another useful feature, which allows personnel to carry pens, markers, or other small items. The adjustable wrist cuff ensures a snug fit around the wrist, which is important when wearing gloves or other hand protection.

The fabric used to make the Advanced Quarter Zip Combat Shirt is lightweight, durable, and breathable. It is also fire-resistant, which is critical for personnel operating in high-risk environments. The FR fabric has been tested and approved by NAVAIR, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

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