An all-black, nonreflective, oxide plated quick-release lanyard of SS, with a WML of 4410 lbs, an MBS of 8820 lbs, and 4000 lbs mil-spec tubular webbing.

Product SKU : FG-CG-N-0190

Designed using the first all-black, nonreflective, oxide plated quick-release shackle made of stainless steel, the release mechanism has a unique pinned swivel to allow easier release at various tab pull angles, and the extra heavy-duty snap shackle has a large diameter plunger which allows for much easier freeing while under a full 300 lb load. Snap shackle has a WML of 4410 lbs and an MBS of 8820 lbs. The lanyard also uses velcro to secure the tab in place to lessen the chance of accidentally dropping the equipment. Built with 4000lb. mil-spec 5625 tubular webbing with a rated strength of 3400 lbs (15kN). Made in the USA.

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