The SCIMITAR was originally designed to serve the US Secret Service as a heavy lift, long-endurance patrol drone.

Product SKU : VE-DR-C-0019

Born out of necessity and grit, with six rotors, ultra-powerful and efficient motors, and two separate battery packs, the Vector can carry a wide variety of payloads with flight times of up to 40 minutes.*

The SCIMITAR was built to be a heavy-duty professional drone, ready to handle big jobs. The combination of an aluminum frame, wrapped in a polycarbonate body, with carbon fiber arms and rotors creates a light aircraft that can withstand daily use in harsh environments. All arms fold in so the unit fits neatly into a waterproof Pelican case for convenient transport. It can be set up or taken down in less than two minutes. The SCIMITAR features retractable landing gear that deploy in less than a second to get out of the way of your payload.




Flight time:* 40 min, Max Payload: 5 kg (11 lb), Flight Range:† 20 km (12.4 mi), Wind: 32 kph (20 mph), Weather Rating: IP52, Operational Temperature Range: -15ºC to 45ºC, (5°F to 113°F), Max Altitude (MSL): 3048 m (10,000 ft)

Storage Dimensions: 1087 x 264 mm, Ground Clearance: 380 mm (14.96 in), Motors: 1375 W (1.84 hp) (each), 465 kv brushless outrunner, Rotors: 47 cm (18.5 in) carbon fiber, folding, and precision balanced

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