Shock tube detonators are non-electric explosive initiators. A small-diameter, hollow plastic tube of any desired length, in which a tiny amount of explosive powder is adhered to, on its inner surface, is affixed with a delay detonator at one or both ends.

Product SKU : WS-EX-E-1211

The Shock Tube Detonator is a linear signal transmission device designed to transmit an energetic signal through shock tube to a detonator. Shock tube is a hollow extruded tube containing a thin layer of energetic materials on its inner diameter. Once initiated, the shock tube transmits a signal to a detonating output charge, typically incorporating an instantaneous output or a pre-determined delay. Shock Tube Detonator is available with an optional patented in-line initiator consisting of a threaded adapter and a pre-installed percussion primer providing convenient and reliable initiation. FEATURES: Not sensitive to EMF Water resistant Substitute for detonating cord Available in varied lengths Instant or delayed configurations Military strength detonators High abrasion resistance SPECIFICATIONS: 0.118 Single Color: Yellow Initiation End: Heat Sealed Output End: Heal Sealed Package: Spool Length: 2500 feet

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