Survivability Skills Course provides knowledge of techniques dealing with intimate and intermediate distance, in-vehicle KLEs, and High-Risk Meetings.

Product SKU : SV-SK-N-0242

The Survivability Skills Course provides students with knowledge of the different techniques dealing with intimate distance, intermediate distance, in-vehicle KLEs, and High-Risk Meetings that have gone wrong. The course also covers the use of Low-Profile single- or two-man movement in urban/rural areas utilizing threat mitigation in a modular 360-degree live fire shoot house. This is not a Close Quarters Battle course but a unique blend of individual skill sets that allow the mitigation of risk in the disengagement phase of a KLE/HRM gone bad. Students also learn counter-surveillance techniques, utilizing countermeasures for cyber-attacks and fortifying safehouse structures for threat mitigation. The Operational Survivability Skills Course is designed to give the student a very good overall knowledge of the equipment, proper use, and planning considerations needed to execute urban safe house operations, surveillance detection for force protection, low visibility KLEs/HRM, and defensive concealed handgun techniques in confined spaces at intimate distances. This course is physically demanding in use of individual close contact hand-to-hand combat, shooting, and counter-Surveillance tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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