Marking rounds for realistic training w/ reliability & accuracy equal to live fire. Consistent marking, controlled velocity & 6-yr shelf life.

Product SKU : WS-AM-E-1346

Marking Ammunition

Non-Marking and Man Marking Rounds for Safe and Effective Training

Marking rounds are an essential tool for force-on-force or scenario training. Unlike live ammunition, these rounds are designed to provide a safe training environment while still delivering the necessary realism required for effective training. The rounds are highly reliable, providing accuracy equal to live fire exercises with an accuracy of 1.97 inches at 25 meters.

The controlled velocity of these rounds is another advantage, allowing for consistent marking of targets at a velocity of 375 fps. This controlled velocity not only ensures safety but also allows for more accurate tracking and evaluation of shots.

The marking of targets is a crucial aspect of scenario training, and these rounds provide consistent marking in various colors. This feature is especially useful for tracking the hits and misses during training exercises, providing valuable feedback to both the trainee and the instructor.

In addition to the reliability and accuracy, the shelf life of these rounds is also impressive. With a six-year shelf life, they provide a cost-effective solution for training exercises, reducing the need for frequent purchases and restocking.

Man-marking rounds are ideal for a variety of training scenarios, including law enforcement and military training exercises. They provide a realistic and safe training environment that can help improve the skills of trainees while reducing the risk of injury.

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