Rail Panels are low-profile, semi-rubbery panels that offer improved weapon control and rail protection, easily cut for custom lengths.

Product SKU : WS-AC-N-1266

Weapon Rail Panels

Rail Panels: Low-Profile Picatinny Rail Coverage

Rail Panels are an essential accessory for your firearm, providing low-profile 1913 Picatinny rail coverage that improves weapon control and rail protection. Made of semi-rubbery material, these panels are easily cut for custom lengths and can be mounted next to each other to form a visually continuous cover. Each panel fits one side of a carbine-length rail, and one panel comes in each package. These panels are designed to enhance the functionality of your firearm and give you a better shooting experience.

The Rail Panels offer superior protection to your weapon’s rail system with their low-profile coverage. The 1913 Picatinny rail design is perfect for adding accessories like scopes, red dot sights, and lasers. The semi-rubbery material ensures a comfortable grip and enhances weapon control. The panels are also easily cut to custom lengths, so you can create the perfect coverage for your firearm.

Rail Panels can be mounted next to each other, forming a visually continuous cover that provides complete rail coverage. The texture panel not only looks great, but it also improves the grip and control of your firearm, making it easier to handle during use.

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