LD Systems and Byrna Technologies, Inc. have joined forces to provide comprehensive security solutions that enable swift and decisive action. LD Systems specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling a complete range of Soldier Systems and Combat Equipment, including Weapon Systems that consist of small arms, ammunition, and explosives. Byrna Technologies, on the other hand, produces the best-in-class CO2-powered handheld personal security device that fires less-lethal chemical irritants and kinetic projectiles designed to incapacitate attackers.

By combining LD Systems’ expertise in Weapon Systems with Byrna’s state-of-the-art personal security device, the two companies offer a comprehensive security solution that is ideal for both military and civilian use. Byrna’s compact design is perfect for concealed carry and can be transported virtually anywhere without the need for federal permits or licenses.

LD Systems and Byrna are committed to delivering cost-effective and timely solutions that meet the performance and budgetary considerations of their customers. They also take into account the logistics and export control compliance requirements to ensure that their customers get the best range of viable weapon systems.

Byrna Technologies, Inc. draws on a long history of excellence in non-lethal weapons manufacturing in the United States and on the global stage. The company also sells less lethal munitions to the military, law enforcement, and correction agencies through its Byrna Law Enforcement Division.

Together, LD Systems and Byrna Technologies, Inc. are delivering solutions that enable actions, providing a comprehensive security solution that is effective, affordable, and accessible to everyone.


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