LD Systems and Disc-O-Bed have teamed up to offer a range of innovative sleep solutions for military and outdoor enthusiasts. LD Systems, a leading provider of Soldier Systems and Combat Equipment, has partnered with Disc-O-Bed, a family-owned business known for its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system.

Disc-O-Bed’s patented disc system enables the company to consistently meet and exceed the extreme demands of Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment worldwide. The company’s products are robust, transportable, easy to assemble, hygienic, and offer a quick, effective, and comfortable sleep solution.

LD Systems and Disc-O-Bed are committed to providing cost-effective and timely solutions to support their customers’ actions. With Disc-O-Bed’s sleep solutions and LD Systems’ Soldier Systems and Combat Equipment, military personnel can rest assured they have the best possible equipment to support their missions.

Beyond exceptional product design, Disc-O-Bed is dedicated to customer service, customizing sleep solutions for extreme needs, responding with a sense of urgency to meet customer needs, and supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis.

Experience extreme sleep with ready-to-go solutions from Disc-O-Bed and LD Systems.


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