Versatile and discreet solutions for professionals who prioritize performance and adaptability. The body armor, crafted for durability, accommodates standard ballistic plates, providing robust protection with a low-profile and lightweight design.

Product SKU : PP-CR-N-0696

The Covert Body Armor carrier features a low-profile and lightweight design, ensuring seamless concealment under various clothing options. The integration of an innovative front admin pocket enhances accessibility, providing space for essentials like notepads, wallets, and small tactical items crucial for covert operations.
Enhancing the carrier’s versatility are removable front mounting options, allowing users to attach chest rigs or placards as needed. The carrier’s compatibility with Molle accessories further expands customization possibilities, empowering users to tailor their kit to specific mission requirements.
Designed with comfort in mind, the carrier incorporates low-profile 3D spacer mesh shoulder pads, optimizing breathability during extended wear. The fully adjustable elastic cummerbund, featuring integrated mag pouches, and adjustable shoulder straps ensure a personalized fit for maximum comfort and functionality. Loop panels on the front and rear of the carrier provide discreet spaces for ID placards, contributing to mission-specific identification and communication.

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