Start a fire with ease using our compact and lightweight magnesium and flint fire starter. Its easy-to-carry key chain design ensures that you have it exactly when you need it.

Product SKU : FG-AC-N-0660

Unleash the power of fire effortlessly with our compact and lightweight Magnesium and Flint Fire Starter. Designed for convenience and reliability, this portable fire starter is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and anyone who values a dependable method for igniting flames.
Crafted with a user-friendly key chain design, our fire starter ensures that you have a reliable ignition source exactly when you need it. Compact and lightweight, it seamlessly integrates into your everyday carry, making it a must-have accessory for camping trips, hiking adventures, or emergency preparedness. The magnesium and flint construction of our fire starter guarantees a quick and efficient spark, even in challenging conditions. Simply strike the flint against the magnesium rod to generate sparks that catch fire easily, enabling you to start a fire with minimal effort. This reliable ignition method is ideal for situations where traditional fire-starting methods may prove challenging.

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