Rescue harness, easy to adjust by the 4 special auto-locking buckles. Fitted with wide, comfortable and breathable paddings, 2 belay loops, and 5 gear loops arranged to avoid accidental snagging.

Product SKU : FG-AC-N-0808

Embark on rescue missions with unparalleled confidence and ease, courtesy of our meticulously designed Rescue Harness—a pinnacle of safety, comfort, and functionality. Engineered to meet the demands of swift and efficient operations, this harness boasts a host of features that set it apart in the realm of rescue equipment.
At the heart of this harness’s design are four special auto-locking buckles, strategically placed for effortless and rapid adjustment. These innovative buckles ensure a secure and customized fit, allowing rescuers to adapt swiftly to dynamic situations without compromising on safety or comfort. The intuitive design of the buckles simplifies the harnessing process, allowing for quick and precise adjustments with minimal effort.
Comfort takes center stage with our Rescue Harness, featuring wide, comfortable, and breathable paddings that envelop the wearer in ergonomic luxury. Crafted with the user’s well-being in mind, these paddings provide optimal support while allowing for crucial airflow, ensuring comfort even during extended wear in challenging conditions.
Equipped with two belay loops—strategically positioned at the front and rear—this harness maximizes versatility and functionality. The front loop facilitates varied attachment options, while the rear loop ensures secure anchoring during rescues. This dual-loop design empowers rescuers with flexibility in their approach, adapting seamlessly to the dynamic challenges inherent in rescue missions.
Incorporating five gear loops, our Rescue Harness is thoughtfully arranged to prevent accidental snagging. These loops provide convenient and secure storage for essential rescue equipment, ensuring quick access when time is of the essence. The strategic placement of the gear loops contributes to the overall efficiency and fluidity of rescue operations, minimizing potential disruptions.

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