The TRIAD has a traditional aircraft form and design which makes it easier to fly. Forward orientation is evident and controls are more intuitive. Additionally, three rotors allow for larger props, which result in more efficient operation and longer flight times.

Product SKU : VE-DR-E-2009

The TRIAD features a unique mechanism that allows a crisp and powerful yaw authority. This results in ultra-smooth motion and the ability to perform better than quadcopters in windy conditions. The Pivoting Rear Yaw-Mechanism improves changing direction by eliminating the need to reduce speed of half of the rotors.

Due to its small size, portability, long flight times, and versatile payloads, the TRIAD can be used for many applications. From surveying and mapping to inspection and aerial photography, this UAV is perfect for industries such as forestry, construction, energy, mining, agriculture, and more. Furthermore, it can be customized for many specialized applications.

Many drone applications involve accessing hard to reach locations in rugged terrain. That is why the TRIAD is designed for easy transport. The drone collapses for stowing and comes in a hard-sided, waterproof Pelican case that can easily fit into a car or truck or carried in a back pack.

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