LD Systems is proud to announce its partnership with Crayons Ready-to-Eat. LD Systems has a simple charter of delivering cost-effective and timely solutions that enable actions. With their focus on requirements, budgets, and details, LD Systems takes care of everything from the beginning of a project until the end so that their customers don’t have to.

Meanwhile, Crayons Ready-to-Eat is making waves in the snack industry. Their edible and writable chocolate crayons, designed in a triangular shape to ensure they won’t roll, are available in a range of colors and packaged to resemble the military’s Meals Ready to Eat. The name Crayons Ready-to-Eat, while humorous, is also a nod to the nickname “crayon eaters” that Marines have given to themselves.

Crayons Ready-to-Eat is the brainchild of Frank Manteau and Cassandra Gordon. As a Marine veteran, Manteau has been on a mission to turn a joke at the Corps’ expense into a successful business, and Crayons Ready-to-Eat is finally there.

If you’re wondering what eating crayons has to do with being a Marine, you’re not alone. Manteau was puzzled back in 2017 when he learned about the Marine Corps addition of “crayon eaters” to their long list of nicknames. 

LD Systems and Crayons Ready-to-Eat may seem like an unlikely pairing, but both companies are committed to delivering innovative and unique solutions to their customers. LD Systems is excited to be working with such a forward-thinking company and is confident that their partnership will result in products that will exceed their customers’ expectations.

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