LD Systems, a Bozeman, Montana-based company provides solutions to actions for defense teams. Their training product is set to revolutionize the training experience for close-quarters battle (CQB) and urban warfare scenarios. The Modular Wall Shoot House Infrastructure Packages are designed to withstand live fire and marking round training evolutions, making them the ultimate training solution for defense teams.


LD Systems’ Modular Wall Shoot House sets are designed with a low-weight structural element, making them ideal for responsive and flexible training. They can be easily configured to simulate different CQB training drills and techniques, providing a real-world training experience. The infrastructure set-up is easy and does not require any major tools, making it accessible to anyone.


One of the most significant advantages of LD Systems’ Modular Wall Shoot House Basic Infrastructures is their safety. The shoot house sets are designed to be ricochet-free, even when shooting at point-blank range. This ensures the safety of both trainers and trainees during training exercises.


The shoot house sets are also durable and long-lasting, able to withstand extreme weather conditions and absorb more than 12,000 live-round hits before requiring replacement due to the self-healing material. This makes them a cost-effective solution for training facilities that need a reliable, long-term investment. In addition, the shoot house sets are lightweight, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them easily transportable. This is a significant advantage for facilities that require a portable and adaptable training solution.

LD Systems’ Modular Wall Shoot House Infrastructures provide a realistic and effective training experience for defense teams. With their self-healing composites, easy set-up, modular design, safety features, durability, and adaptability, our shoot house sets are the ultimate solution for CQB and urban warfare scenarios. To learn more about the Modular Wall For more information on Modular Wall Shoot House Infrastructures, visit LD Systems’ website or check out their Range Solutions Brochure and product specification sheets.