LD Systems, a leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling soldier systems and combat equipment, has teamed up with goTenna, a company dedicated to advancing universal access to connectivity, to create innovative solutions that enable actions. The collaboration brings together LD Systems’ expertise in providing cost-effective and timely solutions to support its customers’ missions with goTenna’s cutting-edge mobile mesh networks.

In today’s interconnected world, gaps in centralized communications can put lives and livelihoods at risk. To address this challenge, goTenna has developed protocols and devices that enable off-grid connectivity and augment traditional communications networks. With goTenna mesh networking, any device or machine can become programmable mobile infrastructure, allowing for seamless communication in even the most remote and challenging environments.

As a leader in the soldier systems and combat equipment industry, LD Systems recognizes the critical importance of reliable and secure communications in mission-critical situations. By partnering with goTenna, LD Systems is able to offer its customers a powerful tool for maintaining connectivity and enhancing situational awareness in the field.

“LD Systems is proud to partner with goTenna to deliver revolutionary mobile mesh networks that will transform the way our customers operate in the field,” said a spokesperson for LD Systems. “We believe that goTenna’s innovative technology and LD Systems’ expertise in designing and manufacturing soldier systems and combat equipment will enable us to provide unparalleled solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

With goTenna mesh networking, LD Systems is able to offer its customers a range of benefits, including improved situational awareness, increased operational efficiency, and enhanced communication capabilities. The partnership between LD Systems and goTenna represents a major step forward in the quest to provide universal access to connectivity and to enable actions in even the most challenging environments.



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