BOZEMAN, MT – LD Systems, a full-scale tactical military supplier based in Bozeman, MT, is proud to announce the availability of their featured product, the 40mm Multi Shot Grenade Launcher (MSGL).


Designed for military and law enforcement use, the 40mm MSGL is a highly versatile weapon that can be used for crowd control, riot suppression, and other tactical applications. Its multi-shot capability allows for rapid firing of up to six rounds, making it an ideal choice for situations that require quick and decisive action.


LD Systems has built a strong reputation for supplying high-quality tactical equipment to military and law enforcement agencies across the country. With the addition of the 40mm MSGL to their product lineup, they are further cementing their position as a trusted supplier of cutting-edge tactical equipment.


LD Systems Representative, “This product represents the latest in tactical innovation and is a valuable addition to any military or law enforcement arsenal.”


The 40mm MSGL features lightweight and durable construction, making it easy to handle and operate in the field. It is also highly accurate, thanks to its advanced sighting system and precision engineering. The 40mm MSGL is also highly customizable, with a wide range of accessories and attachments available to meet the specific needs of each user. Whether you need a laser sight, a scope, or a tactical light, LD Systems has you covered.


LD Systems is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service and support. Their team of experienced professionals is available to assist with product selection, training, and maintenance, ensuring that every customer gets the most out of their investment.


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